Who Needs Florida Title Insurance?

Everyone who purchases residential or commercial property in the state of Florida needs title insurance. For most of us, the largest single investment we will ever make will be in our home. Florida title insurance for homebuyers protects that investment in ways similar to homeowners and flood insurance, but there is a difference. While the threat of fire or flood is easy to see, threats to a title can be invisible—even to seasoned real estate professionals.

Many don’t know that when they purchase a home, they’re not actually buying the land or property— they’re buying the title on it. That title represents their right to occupy and use that home. But that right could be hindered by claims made by others against the property, potentially costing very large sums of money to resolve. And the good news— you only have to buy it once.

Florida Homebuyers Title Insurance
The Peak Title Professionals Way

Florida Homebuyers Title Insurance the Peak Title Professionals Way Peak Title Professional’s streamlines the closing process by utilizing the Internet and the latest in mobile technology to improve on traditional title and escrow services. Our services include title insurance for residential and commercial purchases, owner’s title insurance, lender’s title insurance, short sale approvals, refinancing, preliminary title searches and reports, foreclosure reports, condominium documents, lien searches, and legal services. We protect an owner’s or lender’s financial interest in property against loss due to title defects, liens or other matters.​

Florida Title Insurance For Homebuyers

Please review this brief but important set of information about your approaching settlement. If you have any questions, call us at 407-901-3739.
Any and all parties seeking to possess title of the property in question, even if not obligated on the new loan, must be present to sign documents at closing.

Utilizing Power of Attorney (POA) is strongly discouraged. If this cannot be avoided please contact us so that we can achieve the best outcome. It is mandatory that all POA forms be examined and approved by our offices in advance of settlement.

It is mandatory that you remit funds via wire transfer. ACH, checks, cashier’s checks, and/or certified funds are not acceptable. This is a normal statewide industry practice due to fraud. Wire transfers cannot be reversed whereas ACH, checks, cashier’s checks, and certified funds can. We will attempt to give the exact amount you will need at closing, but this is contingent upon us receiving your mortgage lender’s final loan instructions. If we do not receive your mortgage lender’s final loan instructions in a timely manner, you will need to provide the amount estimated by your lender and be prepared to write a personal check up to $1,000.00 for any remaining balance. This is the only time a personal check is acceptable, and only for an amount equal to or less than $1,000.00.

Numerous documents will be signed at closing and the process will take approximately one hour – don’t forget to bring a government-issued photo ID for review.