Additional services

Title defects can be a major problem, not only because they hold the sale up, but they are sometimes complex. We are equipped to handle complex title issues.

Curing Title Problem

A preliminary HUD gives you an approximate statement of closing costs. Obtain your very own with today by logging into your secure, bank grade security online account!

Prelim HUD/Net Sheets

REO transactions are properties that are owned by the bank. These properties have already gone through the foreclosure process, which is why it is important to make sure you have clean title once you purchase an REO property.

Bank / REO Transactions

Owners of investment and business property may qualify for a Section 1031 deferral. Both properties must be held for use in a trade or business or for investment. Property used primarily for personal use, like a primary residence or a second home or vacation home, does not qualify for like-kind exchange treatment.

1031 Exchanges

A lot more happens behind the scenes in order to get hard money loans closed. We will help you prepare for the closing and give you a checklist of items you will need so you are not requested to produce documents for the hard money lender at the last minute

Hard Money Loan Closings

Construction loans and/or developer closings involve a new property in which a developer is usually the seller.

New Constructions Loans/Developer CLosings

FHA loans are government backed loans which protects lenders against defaults which make it possible for them to offer prospective borrowers more competitive interest rates in comparison to other more risky loans. They involve a large amount of paper work, but we make it easy as possible during closing

FHA Closings

A situation in which a homeowner is unable to keep up with their mortgage payments and in turn the property becomes the property of the lender. In this situation we can help either the Lender or new potential buyer clear title issues and process and smooth closing.


Florida recognizes Land Trusts and you may take title to the property in the name of a Land Trust. We are capable of insuring title with Land Trusts as the titleholder.